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How To Use Duplicator WordPress Plugin to Migrate WordPress Hosting: DIY Guide

Earlier I have shared a guide on moving WordPress site manually and it was one of the most read tutorials of ShoutMeLoud. Today, I’m extending the series by adding a new way to migrate WordPress site to new server and this time; it will be easier than the last time. I have tried and tested this method on few of my sites, and migration happened within few minutes and without any problem. In this guide, I will be taking help of a free WordPress plugin call Duplicator, which let you migrate WordPress site in few easy steps. You can use this plugin to: Migrate WordPress site from one server to anotherMigrate locally developer WordPress to live serverClone live server WordPress site on your local desktop server For this tutorial, I will take example of moving the site from one live server to another. It was unplanned move, as for long I wanted to move away from HostGator and wanted to try SiteGround hosting. Since Siteground is a non-EIG hosting and I heard only ravishing thing about them …

Stop Being Boring: How To Write More Humorous Articles

When writing, you obviously want to keep your audience in mind. The goal is to capture the attention of your readers and retain it. That way, you make them visit your blog or website regularly, and while they’re there, they spend quality time going through your articles. In doing so, you maintain your readership and reduce your bounce rate. However, some people find this hard because most of their readers think their articles are boring. They can capture the attention of their readers initially, but lose it just as quickly as they gained it. Is it a hopeless situation? No! How To Use Humor In Your Writing After reading this article, you will gain some useful tips that will help you write humorous content that will resurrect your blog and keep your readers waiting for more. Here’s what you need to do… 1. Use Sarcasm Some people just have a knack for sarcasm. With a little sense of humor, you can use sarcasm as one of the most practical tools to gain and retain the attention of your rea…

How to Save Money on WebHosting Renewals for WordPress Blogs

Web hosting is one of those essential investments that every blogger has to make every month to run their self-hosted WordPress blog. Usually, a cheap and reliable shared hosting for WordPress will cost from $4/month to $20/month, depending on your requirements. The cost increases substantially when you move to VPS or dedicated hosting. When a new blogger takes the initial steps to set up a self-hosted blog, he is often unaware of the costs involved in web hosting. Frequently a new blogger may end up buying web hosting at unnecessarily high cost (and without a discount).  Even if he does get discounted hosting, the cost of renewal is excessively high when the time comes to renew. In today’s post, I will share with you a few quick tips which will help you to save money on your web hosting renewal. Some of these ideas may be of use from day one of your first hosting purchase. Others may be used when your hosting time is about to expire, and you have to pay for the renewal. A beginner’s …

How Grammarly Can Help You Stop Making Mistakes in English

If you’ve ever written a blog post before, then you’ve probably had stray commas and misspelled words that you somehow overlooked during your proofreading process. Grammatical errors in your blog posts are one of the quickest ways to make a reader stop reading your content and move on to something (and somewhere) else. You can proofread for an hour, or even have someone do it for you, but the reality is that you’re only human, and you will make even the silliest mistakes. Like Harsh, I’m also a non-native English speaker, and that makes me particularly cautious of grammar and spelling when writing anything in English. So when I came across Grammarly, I immediately decided to give it a go. I first started using the free version, which was impressive, even with its limitations. But for this review, I will discuss the premium version to let you experience the full features of Grammarly. How Grammarly Can Help You In Writing Better Blog Posts Grammarly is an advanced, full-featured gramm…